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I Have updated my pricelist (see pricing)

There is quite a few new pages: 600M (630M 472-479KHz)  V2 , XRefFT and XRefV, 10MHz distribution system, 10GHzV2 transverter and others? (Ive been busy!)

Ive had a bit of a play with the pll board , with some interesting results.
Most PLL boards need a very clean reference- performance is closely tied with the quality of the 10Mhz signal. The ref. input of the  si4133 is also fairly high impedance and can be susceptible to external noises (ie around the shack) so shielding looks to have some benefits.

there can be some very worthwhile noise improvments on most PLL boards when their reference input is filtered! (depending on the quality of the reference, some are already very clean)
My 10mhz reference is a very good, clean sine wave (isotemp oven oscillator) but even still, after filtering -the pll board shows remarkable improvement in noise.
The photo below shows the improvements with two sma connectors soldered to a standard 10Mhz crystal and put this in series with the input (A very crude crystal filter?!!)

I am now adding a murata 10Mhz filter to the 10Mhz (ref) input) on all of the boards that i send. (as standard)

I have now aslo designed a filtered and isolated 10MHz 4-way distribution system, this can ofter remarkable improvements.
(many do not realise how bad (dirty) 10Mhz systems can be. (Groundloops, noise, harmonics ect.))

see photo (difference when filter is added)



Some examples of my boards/kits.

 VK3XDK 2.4Ghz Transverter kit (pll not in included in kit)Transverter Pallets VK3XDK